A Message from the Principal

Dear Students, Parents, and Community Members,

 I hope that this message finds you well in these difficult times. Students, know that you are missed and parents, know that you are appreciated! As we move away from our traditional "school" format and into remote online learning, we face many challenges. Please know that our district and campus staff are working behind these scenes to ensure that learning is maximized for all students.

After April 3, there will be no more paper packets. Our students are expected to move to remote online learning so that they may work with their instructors to learn the material necessary for their specific grade level and our hope is that each family is able to access the Blackboard classes created by our teachers. If you are experiencing slow internet, understand that this is a difficulty that we are all facing. Try to be patient and adjust your work hours. If you are experiencing other hardships, please contact our campus so that we may try to assist you. Our hours are abbreviated so that we may take care of both schools and families. If you call at a time when we are not available, please leave a message and we will return your phone call.

Each Junior High teacher has created their own Blackboard classroom so that they may teach and assist both parents and teachers. In each Blackboard class you will find instructional aids and resources, a forum for questions, and also many other exciting options that will make learning fun and meaningful. Parents, please take some time to read the information that each teachers has provided so that you may support your student by encouraging questioning if needed, tutoring, and the assistance with timelines.

Times are difficult, but we will get through it together. Know that we are here to support you and your family and we look forward to seeing you in the near future.

 Stay safe!

Mrs. Stewart