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2-18-2022 Jolly Roger Coffee Shop Grand Opening A Jolly Good Time!

The Jolly Roger Coffee Shop Grand Opening was truly a jolly good time! This wonderful event happened just before our Christmas Break, and so this summary is a bit of a throwback, but the good cheer will still warm your heart.
On December 14, 2021, our Lytle Community came out in droves to see the latest Collegiate Edu-Nation addition at Lytle High School - the Jolly Roger Coffee Co.! A huge crowd enjoyed an atmosphere rich with sweet and savory flavors, the aroma of fresh coffee, and the sounds of holiday music, laughter and fellowship. Students and staff worked for several days to prepare a one-of-a-kind event that would be the first in Lytle High School history. Thousands of cookies, appetizers, drinks, and ground coffee beans left guests full and happy. The hard work the culinary students and coffeeshop baristas put in leading up to the big night made success so sweet! Thank you to all who came out to enjoy the evening with us.
The good news about our coffee shop is getting out! Texas A & M University's Center on Disability and Development (CDD) awarded Lytle ISD a grant for the Jolly Roger Coffee Co. to expand it's work-based learning (WBL) model to benefit our students with special needs. TAMU approved the requested support funds - $10,000 which will be used to grow this student-run business model. Congratulations to Lytle High School's Culinary Arts program and Special Education Department for supporting the post-secondary goal attainment of our special needs population by attaining this grant.
Lorrianne Migura