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7-8-2021 Watch the video! A closer look at Lytle's Career and Technical Education...What happens in Culinary Arts?

While we are enjoying summer, it's important to daydream a little about the great things coming up for our new school year. Take some time to watch this video, which highlights Lytle's Culinary Arts program. This idea of being able to "eat your homework" is a great incentive for students, and as a district employee here at the High School, I've benefitted from many delicious samples of student work in the culinary kitchen over the years. Chef Stewart and Mrs. Berchelmann are copied on this email, so feel free to let them know you appreciate their work with students and I'm sure there will be plenty of volunteers willing to help "grade assignments" coming out of their kitchen. 

The high school students and teachers featured in this video are sharing their experiences in the Culinary Arts program of study offered at Lytle ISD. Chef Stewart also works at St. Phillips College and some students gain high school AND college credit (Dual Credit) when taking his culinary classes. Below is the Texas Education Agency's (TEA's) written description of the program of study discussed in this video. 

The Culinary Arts program of study introduces students to occupations and educational opportunities related to the planning, directing, or coordinating activities of a food and beverage organization or department. This program of study also explores opportunities involved in directing and participating in the preparation and cooking of food. 

This video was produced by Lytle Skull Studios students with the guidance of their CTE instructors. 


Lorrianne Migura