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12-17-2020 It's Virtual Poetry Cafe Time!

Drumroll, please....For your enjoyment, Lytle High School is proud to present our students reciting their pick of poems in this Virtual Poetry Cafe 2020! Special thanks to Mrs. Peggy Chandler, English teacher and ever-passionate organizer of our annual Poetry Cafe. She carries such a beautiful torch for this project and her enthusiasm inspires students to recite poems that either they wrote themselves or that they discovered, and felt compelled to share. Even in one of the most challenge-filled years in many of our memories, Mrs. Chandler pulled off another Poetry Cafe! You rock, young lady. 

I also want to recognize Ms. Danna Gilmore, who put a really cool spin on her students' poetry assignments...Students chose poems and used them as inspiration for magnificent digital art displays that illustrated their recorded video recitations! See these at: 55:13 in the YouTube video timeline. 

Mrs. Chandler's English students recite poems starting at 00:00 in the video timeline.


Lorrianne Migura