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5-14-2021 Senior Class Scholarships

Since March 2021, Mrs. Parker, our college and readiness counselor, and I have worked to collect information on academic and extracurricular scholarships awarded to the Senior class. This group of students has worked diligently to get into universities, colleges, and vocational schools; however, acceptance into post-secondary schools is only part of the process. Scholarships are a major factor in student success, and these Seniors have amassed remarkable financial support from the schools they will attend in the summer and fall of this year. 

The total monetary award through academic and extracurricular scholarships (Pell Grants NOT included) is $625,000.  

These scholarships have been hard earned through academic prowess, and in-school and out-of-school extracurricular activities. The number is substantial considering it only reflects scholarships awarded by the schools the students will actually be attending. When combined with scholarships awarded from all schools the students were accepted to, the number exceeds $1.2 million. 

Please congratulate the Seniors for this achievement and, although they may not think to say it, thank you to all of you who have taught, motivated, and supported them through their high school career.   

Hannalore Mueller