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Bus Routes 2018-19

Download a copy of the 2018-19 Bus Routes for your conveneince. 

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BUS ROUTES 2018-19

BUS 27-In town route, Main Street from Gray to Rolling Meadows Lane.  Harris Trailer Park, Park Place and Naegelin Road.  All streets between Mc Donald to Somerset Road to IH 35.

BUS 28-Twin Lakes CR 6844, CR 6845, CR 6846, CR 6847, CR 6847, CR 6848, CR 6854, CR 6851 to CR 6852, and CR 6852.

BUS 30 (Head Start Route)-All of in town streets and all of Twin Lakes including CR 6711.

Bus 31-CR 6812 from FM 463 to CR 683, CR 683 (including PR 6831 & CR 684), CR 6711, CR 6850, CR 6853, CR 6851 from CR 6852, Hwy. 132 from CR 6850 to Coal Mine, CR 6840, Cr 6842, and Coal Mine.

Bus 32- Quail Creek Drive, the right side of Covey, Blue Quail, Molly, Terry Ln., Rhonda Dr., Samuel Dr., Sara Ln., Mary Ann, Fay Dr., Virginia Ln., Lolita Dr.

Bus 33(Head Start Route)-FM 2790 to S Mc Connell (includes Allen and Laura Lee), FM 3175 from Forest Oaks to IH 35, Forest Oaks, PR 92, Box House, Quail Creek, Duck Pond, Dove Mill, Brand M, Meadow Brook, Hoffman Rd., Indian Sunset Dr., Wild Flower, River Bluff, Fox Run Dr., and Quail Ridge Dr., Naegelin Rd.

Bus 34 - IH 35 S Excess Rd. to CR 6712, CR 6825, IH 35 N Excess Rd. to FM 3175, FM 3175 from IH 35 to Naegelin Rd., Hoffman Rd., Indian Sunset, Wild Flower, River Bluff, Fox Run Dr., Quail Ridge.

Bus 35 – FM 3175 from Naegelin Road to Quail Creek (includes Pinn Rd.), Dove Mill, Duck Pond, Quail Creek (left side of Covey) Quail Run, Meadow Brook.

Bus 36 (Special Needs) – Entire District

Bus 37 – FM 3175 from Quail Creek to Forest Oaks, Box House Rd., PR 92, Forest Oaks, S Mc Connell Rd.

Bus 38 – Brand M, Lucky Rd., Collins Hill Rd., South Wind, FM 2790 from South Wind to IH 35, Allen, Laura Lee, Lytle Apts.