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6-1-2021 Congratulate Lydia Zimmerlie, Jeffrey Gomez, and Allison Null, 2020-2021 Innovative Classroom Grant Winners! Watch the video.

The Lytle Junior High Math Team, Mr. Jeffrey Salinas, Mrs. Allison Null and Mrs. Lydia Zimmerlie are the type of teachers who love to explore innovative instructional practices such as blended learning, flexible seating, project-based learning, and enhanced technology integration. Together, they had a vision for what their classrooms would look like with new furniture, seating, and technology options that allowed students to move, interact, explore and collaborate with more energy and enthusiasm. Because of this, Lytle ISD selected ALL THREE OF THEM as winners of our 2020 Innovative Classroom Grant Award. They were each given $10,000 to fund their dream classrooms. Watch the video to see their dreams become a reality. 
Here's how the three of them put their team vision into words. 
Allison Null: "My design of my ideal math classroom would have better whiteboards that we can move around the room. Whiteboards on wheels will allow kids to collaborate better and show their learning to one another from anywhere in the room. I want to invest in tables that have plugs for charging student devices. Shelving units in different areas of the room allows supplies near any student anywhere in the room. Tables of all sizes and heights would give different options for group work or station work as well. We loved when the math department could plan and work together. If we had a math hall again, it would help us to work together on projects." 
Jeffrey Salinas: "The Math classroom should serve as a complete Math department that provides resources for ALL students to increase their depth of knowledge in mathematics and problem-solving. In doing this, eager students who are interested in taking charge of their own learning and learning pace can take responsibility for their math knowledge. On the other hand, students who need more structure and support can be guided by the teacher.  My role would change to a facilitator for students who can responsibly work independently and as an interventionist for struggling students."   
Lydia Zimmerlie: "An innovative classroom is not just about how much technology you have accessible for the students. It is about changing the environment that the students work in to encourage then to want to do the work - because it is inviting and adaptable to work individually or with groups. This benefits the students because some like to work alone and others learn from each other. I want each student to feel like my way is not the only way. Math has different ways of solving problems and we can learn from each other."
Take a look at their video to hear from the teachers and students about what makes their classroom a great place to learn:

Lorrianne Migura