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5-17-2021 Congratulate Mrs. Loren Merchant, 2020-2021 Innovative Classroom Grant Winner!

Teaching High School English, Loren Merchant is the type of teacher who loves to explore innovative instructional practices such as blended learning, flexible seating, project-based learning, and enhanced technology integration. She had a vision for what her classroom would look like with new furniture, seating, and technology options that allowed her students to move, interact, explore and collaborate with more energy and enthusiasm. Because of this, Lytle ISD selected her as one of ten winners of our 2020 Innovative Classroom Grant Award. 
Mrs. Merchant had $10,000 to fund her dream classroom. Watch the video to see her dream become a reality. Here's how Mrs. Merchant put her vision into words: "By changing the classroom setting, I hope to provide students with an environment that is more conducive to their individual learning but also provides a space that has opportunities for collaborative projects and work. I would like a classroom environment that allows students to feel not only safe but to also make them feel productive."
Stop by Mrs. Merchant's classroom to feel the positive energy for yourself. Her classroom arrangement and diverse learning choices are why her students thrive. According to freshman Amanda Soto, "It encourages me to learn and it calms me down when I'm stressed."

Lorrianne Migura