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1-29-2021 Soup Weather! Soup Week! Soup-er Culinary Arts Students!

Remember that week when the days were gray, cold, and drizzly? Well, at the high school and junior high, there were deliciously aromatic rays of warmth emitting from the culinary arts kitchen under the direction of Chef Stewart.
The week of January 11, the cold winter weather inspired Chef and his culinary students to 'whip up' a Pirate Soup Week. He and his kitchen crew filled a menu board with daily, diverse, bright, distinctive flavors. For the lucky ones - in the right place at the right time during lunch - hot steaming bowls of soup filled the hands (and hearts) of grateful students and staff. 
Monday - Carrot Dill
Tuesday - Roasted Corn Poblano Pepper
Wednesday - Cream of Broccoli
Thursday - Caldo de Pollo
Friday - Chicken and Dumplings
Chef also 'went live' on his YouTube channel to share ingredients, tips and tricks on making each of his soup recipes, "Mmm, Mmm, good!" 
Soup Week even gave our Commercial Photography students a chance to practice Foodie Photography! From the bottom of our full tummies, thank you, Chef!
See photos in Google alubm: Lytle Culinary Soup Week Album 1 of 2
See photos in Google alubm: Lytle Culinary Soup Week Album 2 of 2
Lorrianne Migura