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1-15-2021 Messages Banner: Keep Fighting Mr. Mumme!

Gifts for Mr. Mumme Yesterday, Mr. Mumme was delighted and moved to tears to find your 80+ messages of encouragement on the banner we hung on his gate. In addition to the banner surprise, a few of our seniors sent him a Senior Sweatshirt and a t-shirt that reads, "I will teach you here or there, I will teach you ANYWHERE! #stillteaching." The timing was good. Mr. Mumme had just experienced one of the roughest weeks of treatment so far, and he still welcomes all the positive thoughts and prayers you are willing to send his way. 
Student designed banners I want to recognize three Digital Design/Commercial Photography students who completed this project with beautiful determination to get it right for Mr. Mumme. They built designs in PhotoShop and learned how to use a spreadsheet to track their progress and not leave any messages off. All were so good, that I hated to pick just one. So, we printed Amethyst Valles' design for Mr. Mumme's gate, and we printed all three as smaller banners to hang at the high school. Mr. Mumme is also getting his own copy of each design in a hand-held size so he can take one with him to the hospital each week for his last three long treatments.
See the screenshots below depicting Noelia Medina's black background banner, Amethyst Valles' banner with multicolored text, and Leilani-Blu Jimenez's banner with the green cursive font. Light green is the cancer hope ribbon color for Mr. Mumme's Non-Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis, so you'll see the green in both Amethyst's and Leilani-Blu's designs.
Special thanks to seniors Kylie Mask and Jocelyn Sekula who made sure Mr. Mumme also had his own Senior Sweatshirt!
This Google Photo Album also show photos of senior Lexi Paz helping with the hanging of the banner: Banners for Mr. Mumme 1-14-2021
Lorrianne Migura