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3-15-2020 Lessons from the Rings Lytle Edition

“Prepare yourself in every way you can by increasing your knowledge and adding to your experience, so that you can make the most of opportunity when it occurs.” – Mario Andretti 

The Lytle Meets were held before Spring Break. I really appreciate all the coaches and helpers who came together to accomplish this meet. This meet allows me to find those Junior High throwers who have gained enough skill from their throwing practice to qualify for the district meet. Since we host the Meet, we were able to throw all those who come to practice. The High School threw against everyone in the District except Jourdanton so we were able to see where we would rank in a District meet. 

The High School threw on Thursday in excellent throwing weather. We learned some valuable lessons. Even though we placed well we need to learn to make our first throws count. Results: 

JV Girls – 19pts Shot Discus 

Dakota Tumlison DNP 76’6”(PR) – 2nd 

Sydney Estrada 76’1”(PR) – 3rd 

Bree Criswell 24’2.5” – 6th 69’ (PR) – 4th 

Sarah Yruarte DNP DNP 

JV Boys – 20 pts 

Alex Medina 107’7”(PR) – 1st 

Jacob Flores 34’2.25”(PR) – 3rd 91’6” – 4th 

Eduardo Licona DNP DNP 

Varsity Girls – 33 pts 

Noelia Medina 31’11”(PR) – 3rd 96’6” – 1st 

Emily Garcia DNP 87’3” – 3rd 

Alex Naeglin 93’2”(PR) – 2nd 

April Bodie 29’6” – 5th 78’6” – 6th 

Varsity Boys – 18 pts 

Cort Haltom 36’11” – 4th 124’6” – 2nd 

Robey Harold 37’4” – 2nd DNP 

James Black DNP 95’11” 7th 

The Junior High competed on a beautiful Friday. I have had as many as 27 athletes come to throwing practice in the mornings. There is no feasible way to have that many throwers throw in the district meet. This meet would give everyone the opportunity to compete for Lytle and it would determine who would throw for District. The results are as follows: 

7th grade girls – 27 pts. 

Arianna Garcia 25’10” -3rd 63’9” – 3rd 

Nayelli Pacheco 25’4” – 4th 64’9” – 2nd 

Lunna Reyes 24’4” – 6th 

Gilliam Haltom DNP 60’ – 5th 

The others who threw were Shea Merrell, Vanessa Mercado, Katherine Moreno and Yara Laureno. 

8th grade girls – 29 pts 

Alexis Flores 26.5” – 6th 79’6.5” – 2nd 

Ysabella Diaz 29’ – 3rd 74’5.5” – 4th 

Andrea Aguilar 76’7” – 3rd 

Leandra Mora 27’ – 5th 

The others who threw were Katara Whitfield, Tori Perez and Annabella Lopez. I appreciate Katara and Annabella competing this year. I didn’t know who was returning this year and I wanted to have others ready if injuries kept Alexis and Ysabella from throwing. Katara and Annabella will continue to support the 8th grade ladies on the track in the events they run. 

7th grade boys – 27 pts 

Juan Olvera 34’7” -1st 103’ – 1st 

Ajay Frausto 28;1.5” – 4th 77’8” – 5th 

Jairo Martinez 74’4.5” – 6th 

Nico Pacheco DNP 

The other throwers for the 7th grade lads were Gavin Cain, Andy Arredendo and Aiden Zimmerle. 

8th grade boys – 24 pts 

Mario Diaz 37’6” – 2nd 102’10” – 4th 

Nathaniel Miller 106’5” – 3rd 

Hector Anaya 35’5” – 4th 

Jacob Guevarra 33’3” – 5th DNP 

Daniel Mercado also came to throw discus. He is also supporting the 8th grade on the track with his long distance running in the 1600M and 2400M. Jacob Guevarra who will win district with a good throw scratched on all of his throws in the meet. He was really disappointed but he learned a valuable lesson on throwing. The pain of not winning is more valuable than any coach’s words. 

When we return from Spring Break the Junior High will throw in Devine and the High School will throw at Antonian. I really appreciate the parents of the throwers who helped mark in the rings for both meets and the high school throwers and junior high throwers who helped pin and return instruments. I really appreciate Mrs. Conover for allowing me to have my throwers invade her play ground during the meets. 

“There is a canyon of difference between doing your best to glorify God and doing whatever it takes to glorify yourself. The quest for excellence is a mark of maturity. The quest for power is childish.” – Max Lucado 

Hadley Foster