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3-6-2020 HS One Act Play District Results

I am so, so happy to let you all know that our One Act Play, The Little Foxes, is advancing to Bi-District and claimed 1st Place today at District! I am also incredibly proud to share our individual awards:

Crew Award

Junior Kylie Mask

Honorable Mention All-Star Cast Members

Senior Juan “Johnny” Gonzales

Freshman Layla Rodriguez

All-Star Cast Members

Senior Eddie Morfin

Sophomore Jocelyn Harris

Best Performer

Senior Camryn Hoffman

Today’s performance could not have happened without the following people. I tell our kids that theatre is the art of collaboration. It only exists when many, many people come together to create something special and The Little Foxes is a perfect example of just that.

Thank you so much:

To Ms. Smith for the many approvals given and your incredible support.

To Mr. Piles for approving our field trip to The Classic Theatre, which I truly believe inspired and propelled our kids to perform even better than they already were.

To Mr. Cross and Jimmy Martinez for spearheading and installing our new stage lights in time for today’s contest.

To Mr. Garza and Ms. Criswell for… everything!! Your support has meant so much to me and our kids.

To Ms. Guerra for also… everything!! You’ve helped me navigate eligibility rules and helped keep me calm!

To Ms. Garcia for arranging my substitutes and coordinating all of the paperwork I’ve sent your way.

To Ms. Hughes who has co-directed our show and helped me with errands both big and small. A true partner in crime theatre. 😉

To Mr. Mumme who has selflessly taught me so much about our auditorium and has gone out of his way to help me on numerous occasions.

To Coach Clark for your commitment to working together to ensure our athletes also have the opportunity to be a part of One Act.

To Ms. Pacheco and her student Elissa Gallegos that painted a beautiful portrait that is being used on our set.

To Mr. Fender, Ms. Robles and Jason Keown… my amazing neighbors who sacrificed their spaces to us for student holding areas.

To Dale Mather and Ms. Migura for knocking out a crazy fast print turnaround, that is also featured on our set and looked SO GOOD!

To Ms. Hoffman for the support and information that has guided me along my first UIL process.

Christina Cate