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1-31-2020 7th Grade Girls Basketball vs. Natalia

Last night, January 30th, we played a tough Natalia team. We have improved so much since your first game against them back in December. The girls are a little more comfortable shooting. We express to them every day “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take” -Wayne Gretzky 

We did take more shots last night most of them we couldn’t make, but that is okay. We need them comfortable in shooting and not being afraid to make mistakes because mistakes are our best learning weapon. 

The B-team girls finish the season 0-4. 

A-team was amazing at the half, 8-12-Natalia leading. We just needed a little more connecting the ball to the basket. Again, we gained more confidence through the season and trying to release our fears. We took more shots and ran a great new inbound play that I borrowed from the High school JV boys, and it worked. A-team season record is 2-5, we have one more game, in Dilley, Feb. 6th. 

Unfortunately, they couldn’t come up with a win but they are winners in my eyes. The improvement from the start of the season (most of these girls have never played organized sports) to the end of season was been huge. Glad we were able to coach them. These girls have huge loving hearts and are extremely supportive of each other. 

B-team lost 6-11 (in favor of Natalia) 

#5 Lori Finamore - 1 point 

#15 Amira Lowary - 2 points 

#20 Yara Laureano - 2 points 

#24 Lunna Reyes - 1 point

A-team 18-41 (in favor of Natalia) 

#1 Kayzen Lassare - 7 points 

#3 Valentina Ayala - 5 points 

#11 Danica Martinez - 2 points 

#35 Arianna Garcia - 4 points 

Denise Cordero