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1-17-2020 7th Grade Basketball at Jourdanton

“I’m not looking for the best players, I’m looking for the right ones.” - Herb Brooks 

In the words of the Late Great Keith Jackson......WHOAAAAA NELLY!!!!!  

What a night January 16th, in regard to the 7th Grade Fighting Pirates of Lytle Texas! With a four-week layoff and having to travel to Jourdanton, the B team was asleep most of the night and found themselves in a 18-2 whole with 5 minutes to go in the game. Led by a ferocious determined effort from Gavin (Cankles) Cain, the boys closed on an 11-0 run to lose by a narrow margin 18-13. 

When our A team took the court, I don’t believe they took their coaches words very serious when they were told that everyone in the District has put a bullseye on their back since they went through the first half of District undefeated. THAT CHANGED QUICKLY!!! Jourdanton came out swinging and were determined to show that last time we met it was a fluke. In a PACKED GYMNASIUM, (no joking) our boys decided they were going to show it wasn’t a fluke and came from behind to pull off a 33-30 victory. If you see one of the players, yell at them ZIGGY SOGGY, ZIGGY SOGGY and see if they respond with OY OY OY. It is our victory chant!!!  

Thanks to our awesome teachers and most definitely our cafeteria staff who always takes care of our players with those away meals.  

Brian Clark