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1-13-2020 Band All-Area Results

On Saturday, January 11th, nine Pirate Band students competed at the ATSSB Area South Auditions. As seen by the numbers below, only a very small percentage of the students who qualify for this level are chosen to advance to the All-State Band. Our students did very well at the auditions, and although we did not have any receive All-State honors, several were very close. 

Sophomore Mason Davila auditioned on trumpet. Out of the 25 who auditioned, only 3 make All-State.  Mason was 7th. 

On Baritone, Seniors Eddie Morfin and Carlos Tamayo were among the 15 who auditioned. Carlos was 12th and Eddie was 6th. Only 1 goes to state. 

On Clarinet, Seniors Ariel Muraira and Elissa Gallegos auditioned. Out of the 35 clarinets, Ariel was 27th and Elissa was 7th. Five advances to State, so Elissa missed by just two chairs. 

On Flute, Senior Juanita Saldana and Juniors Emma Polomsky and Emelia Garcia represented Lytle. Two of the 20 advance. Emelia was 3rd, Juanita 4th, and Emma 13th. Emelia is an All-State alternate with Juanita right behind her. They were so close! 

On Bass Clarinet, Lytle was represented by Carolynn Waterhouse, who placed 2nd out of the 15 who auditioned. Unfortunately, only one advances, so Carolyn is also an All-State alternate. 

I cannot begin to express how proud I am of all these students. They have worked hard to prepare for these auditions, and it showed. These students were the best from the five Regions that make up our Area, and even against such highly talented students, ours did very well. 

Mark Fender