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11-22-2019 Elementary Good Things

The Elementary has had more students win Habit awards and receive positive referrals the past couple of weeks.

November 15th Habit Winners:November 15th Habit Winners

Mangima – Marlen

Coraggio – Jonathan

Amistad – Jayden

Prevala – Janessa

Fortem – Wyatt

Viribus – Isabella

November 15th Positive Referral:

Kaleb - He's a patrol, but goes out of his way to clear the hallways for Mariah Reyes (visually impaired student) in the mornings. Everyday!!!

November 22nd Habit Winners:November 22nd Habit winners

Mangima – Whitley

Coraggio – Jose

Amistad – Madison

Prevala – Alexa

Fortem – Iliana

Viribus – Dominic

November 22nd Positive Referrals:

K’Lynn - Since the start of her intervention - she has been very responsible in making sure she attends, she is attentive in small groups, and putting forth good effort and I see her making gains.

Eduardo - Think Win Win-reading aloud in class and participating with Lemonade War discussions.

Mercedes - Putting First Things First and meeting all her weekly goals!November 22nd Positive Referrals

George - George always lends a helping hand to teachers and a special needs student when he is having trouble transitioning to and from clubs. He takes the time to help him up and show him where he needs to be, sometimes without being asked.

Marlen - Found her voice and read a story she free wrote on her own.

Elyse - Found her voice and read a story she free wrote on her own.

Sydney - Sydney found her voice and used it to help others reach their goal. Sydney chose to spend her free learning choice time last Friday helping 3 students study their multiplication facts. All three of those students mastered those facts!

Lindon - Lidon showed habit 4 (Think Win-Win) by being very helpful everyday during clubs. He was always the last one to leave making sure everything was put away correctly. He also helped others clean up!

Faviola - Student has found her voice. She strengthens lessons by creating launches for her class. This week she launched a realistic fiction book created by her and Mia.

Mia - Found her voice. Mia worked diligently with her friend Faviola to create a launch for her class. Together they created a realistic fiction book to read aloud.

Mariah - Think Win-Win. Everyday Mariah is our breakfast leader, assisting others, reminding her classmates to do their lunch count, or just taking that leadership role. As well as in Duct Tape club, she greets every member with a smile and a fist bump. Yeah Mariah!

Emiliano - Found his voice as well as in charge of himself. Very proud to congratulate this young man for overcoming his shyness and reading to his class, and offering wonder words to class discussions. Way to go Emiliano!

Tony - The student was extremely respectful to all of the adults on our field trip today, offering to help each one of them when they were passing out treats and samples. He did a great job!

Juliana Lingo