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11-8-2019 JV Football vs. Marion

Remove one question from your self-talk:

Start today and stay with it for at least six months. 

Change the question you ask yourself from "Can I?" "Am I?"

Rather than, "Can I be that person?" Replace it with, "Am I being that person?"

Rather than, "Can I forgive them?" Replace it with, "Am I forgiving them?"

Rather than, "Can I do it?" Replace it with, "Am I doing it?"

"Can I?" tries to guess the future. That uncertainty feeds self-doubt.

"Am I?" clarified the present. That awareness feeds self-control.

Last night, November 6th, your JV Football team played host to the Bulldogs from Marion.

With the cold weather and drizzle looming in the air, we knew there would be many obstacles that we would have to overcome as a team.

Each student-athlete on the JV team has something unique and special about them, but there can be some self-doubt within themselves about being able to execute to the best of their ability. With high expectations for this group of young men, they are tested day in and day out from trying to be able to switch from a "motivated" mentality, towards a "disciplined" mentality. 

Motivation is great to have, but here are 3 reasons why you should choose Discipline over Motivation

1) Motivation needs to feel like it.

     Discipline decides and goes!

2) Motivation waits for enough energy.

     Discipline creates the energy it needs!

3) Motivation is at the mercy of uncontrollable factors.

     Discipline maximizes the factors in its control!

November 7th, the Pirate defense led by Joseph Araujo, Malakai Castro, and Cecil Olivarri, were able to create a 3 and out on the opening offensive drive for Marion, which gave the ball to the offense just 2 minutes into the 1st quarter. 

As it has been all season long, the very first play of the game has been a bubble screen, double pass that has a completion rate of 100%; it was completed last night from Collin Aldridgeto Malakai Castro who passed to Darren Martinez, in which Martinez scampered down the sideline for an opening play 60 yard Touchdown pass to give the Pirates the early lead, 6-0. A 2 point conversion was attempted after an offsides call, which was successful, so the lead went up to 8-0 Pirates.

Marion answered right back with a score of their own, and added one more in the 2nd quarter, which led us into halftime down 16-8. 

After a personal foul, and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, the Pirates struggled to get back on track to put points on the board. Marion tacked on 2 more scores to put the nail in the coffin. 

The JV Pirates fell to the Marion Bulldogs, 28-8.

For 15 weeks, it was a joy to be a part of a group of men who love the game of football. There were many celebrations, but there were also challenges and unfortunate circumstances we faced throughout the year, but they became life lessons which will hopefully allow these student-athletes to prosper in academics and athletics.

There was a stat that was brought up by Coach McConathy last night stating that it had been almost 10 years since a Lytle JV Football team had played a full complete 10 game season!

Couldn't be more proud of the effort, energy, and enthusiasm the boys brought day in and day out.

Until next season, thank you for all the continued support from administration, faculty, staff, and students this year!

Final Overall Record: 6-4 (District 3-3)

See photos in Google Album: JV Football vs Marion 11-7-2019

Mike Trevino