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10-18-2019 JV Football at Cole

How do you get above the bar that you set for yourself, your family, your staff, or your team?  

We talk a lot about Hope vs. Expectation 

For me, there are two kinds of Hope. There is Hope that is eternal... "I know the promise of things to come." Then there's a negative hope. This hope means that "I'm kind of prepared. I hope something happens." 

Here's the difference between hoping and expecting:  

Hope means that "I've worked a little bit. I'm kind of prepared for it." 

Expectation? Expectation means the blood and the sweat equity is in the bucket. "I deserve success." 

Last night, October 17th's display of the JV football team was all expectation! During the bus ride over, that's where "expect" started to take shape. There was a silent, focused group of young men ready to lead, love, and listen to each other! 

These phenomenal student-athletes had a great week of practice, so they knew they were well prepared for any obstacle they faced last night.  

Luckily for them, they didn't face many obstacles as they played one of their best games of the season both offensively and defensively.  

Highlights of the game are as follows: 

  • A double pass play for a Touchdown (Collin Aldridge ---> Malakai Castro ---> a wide-open Darren Martinez) 
  • Castro had 2 interceptions, and both went back for Touchdowns, along with a bubble screen pass from Aldridge that also led to a 60-yard Touchdown  
  • Aldridge scampered up and through the Cole defense as he found the endzone on a beautiful 30-yard Touchdown run 
  • Defense held Cole to less than 60 yards of offense  
  • Robert Wagner and Joseph Araujo plunged through the Cole offense and had over 12+ tackles for loss 
  • Albert Aguilar had over 100 total yards both receiving and rushing  

With the season winding down, these boys continue to establish their own identity, and it's an awesome sight to see as them develop, dominate, and deliver! 

The JV Football Pirates pick up a huge "W" on the road vs. the Cole Cougars, 32-6! 

Overall record: 5-2 (2-1 District) 

Mike Trevino