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10-8-2019 Week in Lytle Golf

I am happy to report that the golf team has doubled in size this season. We are hoping to have a few others join the team in the Spring. 

On September 30th Senior John Martinez participated in the Stampede Tournament hosted by Smithson Valley. This 36-hole one-day event challenges your physical and mental toughness. John carded a 179 and placed him 34th out of 66 golfers. The highlight of the day was a 6 hole stretch where he had 3 birdies and played those holes 2-under. 

Yesterday, October 7th, Khye Stewart kicked off his High School career by playing in the 2019 Alamo Heights Fall Invitational. Khye’s 113 earned him 60th place out of 86 golfers. It only took 3 holes for him to get his first par. Parents following our group complimented me on how Khye conducted himself on the course. I couldn’t be prouder of how he represented our school and community. 

Both golfers will play in the Harlan Fall Invitational at the Flying L golf course in Bandera. It is difficult for staff and students to attend these events because their tourney’s are during the work week. However, this tournament is a Friday-Saturday event and it would be great if you could come out to support these student/athletes on Saturday. 

Arnold Martinez