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9-6-2019 JV Football vs. Hondo

I want to share a bold statement with y'all that I've kept close to my heart throughout the past few months when I first heard it...  

"We can turn a mess into a message, a test into a testimony, a victim into a victory, and a trial into a triumph!" 

The reason I share that with you is due to the fact how much adversity the JV Football team faced last night as the Owls from Hondo came visiting our town.  

With a rich tradition, the Hondo football program has established itself over the last decade as a South Texas powerhouse, our boys knew it was going to be a fight! 

If you can envision almost 60 Hondo football players on one sideline compared to our 20 Lytle football players on our sideline, you would've already been questioning if our boys can withstand the battle they're about to face.  

From the opening kickoff, to the final play of the game, there was so much excitement, enthusiasm, energy, and effort on display by our Lytle Pirates.  

There was also hardship and heartache, as the JV Pirates suffered the loss of two key players (Gerald Naegelin and Deven Caldera) to injury in the first half.  

Early in the 1st quarter the Hondo Owls jumped out to an early lead, 6-0, failing a 2-point conversion. On Lytle's next possession, the offense marched down the field led by Collin Aldridge who surveyed the field left and right to find holes in the Hondo defense. Malakai Castro and Jacob Arredondo hooked up on a double pass for about 50 yards to set up a score for the offense. A few plays later, Castro came around the edge on the left side and found his way into the end zone to the tie the game at 6 with a successful 2-point conversion which gave the Pirates the lead 8-6 at the end of the 1st quarter.  

Defensively, the Pirates were stout all game as they only gave up one score, which kept Hondo at 6 points. Joseph Araujo, Albert Aguilar, and Justin Evans built a stone wall that stood each and every play until the final whistle blew.  

With the majority of our players playing on both sides of the ball and not getting near enough rest as Hondo, they continued to display what "Pirate Pride" is all about! 

Midway through the 2nd quarter, the offense was able to find the endzone for their 2nd and final score of the ball game, giving them the lead into halftime, 14-6, with that eventually being the final score, and your Lytle Pirates being victorious once again! 

Aldridge had an interception in the end zone late in the game which sealed the deal for the Pirates.  

The JV Pirates defeated the Hondo Owls 14-6! 

The Pirates improve to 2-0 on the season. 

See all photos in Google Album: JV Footballvs. Hondo 9-5-2019

Mike Trevino