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9-5-2019 7th Grade A and B Volleyball Results

7B: These ladies came out jittery and worried. They played with fortitude and Grace! They played with a running clock and although that was not anticipated they handled the first game wonderfully. Gilly Haltom served the most points for the Lady Pirates and put us ahead. The second game was a bit tougher with the solid service from our opponents. Our back row struggled, but Juju Centers came up big with some serious saves!  I cannot wait to see what these ladies do next week against Cotulla.

7A: These ladies struggled out the gate. The service game from the opponents was too much, too soon for our first timers. They started to get down on themselves and just couldn’t recover soon enough. The second game, they put it behind them and began to work as a team and got some points on the board. They need to believe in each other and themselves. It’s all a learning experience.

Thank you to all the Parents, Grandparents and Staff who came to cheer and rally all the girls on! Your support is very appreciated by us coaches and especially the ladies.


See all photos in these Google Albums: 

JH Volleyball A Teams vs Jourdanton 9-5-2019

JH Volleyball B Teams vs Jourdanton 9-5-2019 


Julie Cameron