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5-28-2019 Alamo City Electrathon Race

On Thursday, May 23rd, the Lytle High School Electrathon Team competed in the Alamo City Electrathon race at Trader’s Village in San Antonio. The team has worked the last couple of months to build an electric car from a kit donated by Toyota. This process was delayed time and again with backordered parts, the last one arriving the Friday before the race. I am so proud of these kids and the hard work they put in their free time during the day, evenings and weekends to get their car built in what really amounted to a matter of a few weeks.

Race day was the ultimate example of team work and community as the team struggled to overcome problems with the throttle cable & pedal as well as sprocket alignment and the drive chain in the first heat. At the end of the first heat they had managed to stay on the track long enough to accumulate 24 laps.

See more photos in Google Album: Alamo City Electrathon Race 2019

During their lunch break, the kids came together as a team and made the necessary corrections borrowing tools and getting advice from the more experienced teams at the race.  They finished the second heat with a total of 56 laps earning them a 2nd place finish in the “Rookie” division.

Excitement for next year’s race is brewing and with two of our team members heading off to St. Phillip’s College in the fall, we look forward to seeing them on the track again next year as members of the St. Phillip’s Electrathon team.

Special thanks goes to Raul Flores for his advice and for carving out a little bit of space in his Ag shop for us to get the car finished and making sure it was safe. We would like to thank him as well for volunteering his time on race day.

Thanks and appreciation goes out to Arnold Martinez as well for volunteering on race day.

Donelle Harris