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4-30-2019 6th Annual Student Showcase 2019

I would like to thank the teachers who guided their students in creating amazing video commercials that promoted their booth exhibits as well as created excitement in the week leading to this year's showcase. We had a total of 6 student-produced video commercials, and they garnered quite a bit of attention!

In total, these videos were...

  • VIEWED 750+ times.
  • WATCHED for more than 600+ minutes - that's 10 hours of viewing!
  • SHARED on FaceBook 33+ times
  • REACHED 5,000+ FaceBook accounts

These stats are incredible and even beyond Showcase night, they will continue to grow in the weeks, month, and years, showcasing our extraordinary Lytle students and their teachers who went the extra mile to help them create a video to be proud of. Thanks again, to all who joined in the fun, enjoy your Haby's Treats. If you were not able to see the commercials, I've added the links here for your viewing pleasure. 

Skull Studios and K-12 Yearbook booth promo:

2nd Grade Protected Texas Animals promo:

Yearbooks are Coming:

Senior/Graduate Yearbook Ads ½ off at Showcase:

Junior High Art

​Third Grade Solar System Models

Lorrianne Migura