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3-4-2019 Junior High / High School Chess Tournament

This past Saturday Lytle Junior high and High School played in our 2nd chess tournament of the year, but this time we hosted it here at home. We did rather well for ourselves and did our district proudly. The two other districts loved our facilities and how well organized the meet was and are looking forward to returning next year. Our students were able to pull out some wins in this tournament and they are as follows:

In the 6th grade, we had

  • Bethanie Martinez
  • Naveah Mercer who placed 1st for the 6th grade group

In the 7th grade, we had

  • Joseph Ratliff
  • Raul Cortez
  • Daniel Mercado placed 3rd for the 7th grade group
  • Luke Montez placed 2nd for the 7th grade group
  • Ben Davila placed 1st for the 7th grade group

And for the High School which was combined 9-12th grades:

  • Jacob Lytle who took 2nd place

All of the players played hard and some rounds were nail biters, but it was fantastic to watch them compete and I am looking forward to our last tournament next month which will be in Devine.

I would like to end by giving a shout out to Mr. Lytle who runs the High School Chess club and was instrumental I helping set up our 1st home meet… Thank you, Mr. Lytle. 

See all photos in Google Album: 3-2-2019 JH Chess Tournament

Jarrod Cavazos