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2-9-2019 8th Grade Girls' District 29-3A Tournament Champions

“I always tried to do the best. I knew I couldn't always be the best, but I tried to be.” -Frank Robinson  

This Saturday, February 9th, the 8th grade A team participated at an end of season single elimination tournament. A prelude to March Madness. The games had the excitement of tournament games. The team beat Jourdanton 27 - 25 to make the championship game. We ended up playing Cotulla which we had failed to beat in the regular season, but it is difficult to beat a good team three times in a season and the ladies took the challenge and won in the end 29 -25. It was an exciting day for the team as Coach Bohl and I had pointed to this tourney as the final for the team's season. We had some clutch performances in both games. Morgan came off the bench in the first game and scored the only three points for the quarter, but it kept us within two of Jourdanton. Cadee and Mariah sparked us in the fourth quarter with nine big points and we beat Jourdanton. They led throughout the first half, but we failed to fold in the third quarter, and it was the first step to get us to the championship game.   


Marissa - 5 (1 three-point shot)  

Cadee - 6  

Mariah - 5  

Morgan - 3  

Elyssa - 4 (1 three-point shot)  

Eisabel - 2  

Nivea - 2  

I don't know who made the brackets, but the first-place team did not get any favors for being first in the season. They had to defeat Dilley before they played us. The back to back game helped us and even though Cotulla played well they were a step off in the second half. Our goal was to average 8 points a quarter. At the half, we were down 12 to 16. We played a sound defense the second half holding Cotulla to 9 points and we made some key free throws including Eisabel hitting 2 with 5.7 seconds to give us a four-point lead. This sealed the victory. We thought better of cutting down the nets so instead, we took the bracket off the window. It was good to see the girls celebrating the results of the hard work they put in this season.   


Marissa - 4  

Cadee - 6  

Mariah - 8  

Eisabel - 2  

Kaylee - 1  

Natalie - 8 (1 three-point shot)  

Thanks to all the parents who got the ladies to practice at 0615. Thanks for Transportation to provide vehicles to get us to our contests. Good luck to the Varsity on Monday. We hope they continue Lytle lady Pirates unbeaten streak in postseason play. I personally want to thank Coach Bohl for putting up with me and for Coach Wilson for allowing me to work with this group. They bring a great deal of good things to her for next season. There is no rest for these ladies as they head to the track for their first meet in Pearsall.  

"Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." - Will Rogers  



Coach Bohl, Coach Foster