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10-31-2018 JH Student Art Sweeps the Medina County Fair Art Show

Once again, at the Medina County Fair, Lytle students showed their talent and swept the competition. So much so that one of the judges queried, “Does Lytle Jr. High have an architecture class?” Nope, just dedicated students with intense ambition. I am very proud of them. The competition was tough, with entries from many of the schools within Medina County, and Lytle students took home one Best in Show and 5 out of 6 Honorable Mentions. Go Pirates!! See all Artwork at Google Album: 10-31-2018 JH Submissions to Medina County Fair Art Show
Youth Category:
Rebecah Haverda—1st and 2nd
Chessa Hartley-Mapes—2nd
Klarissa Martinez—1st, 2nd, 2nd
Ysabelle Diaz—2nd
Kiera Gutierrez—1st, 2nd, and 1st with Honorable Mention toward Best in Show
Andrea Flores—2nd
Rebekah Halvorson—1st with Honorable Mention toward Best in Show
Middle School Category:
Robert Barrera—3rd
Grace Eldredge—3rd
Danika Chapa—3rd, 3rd
Naveah Mercer—3rd
Connor Redding—3rd, 3rd,
Clarissa Hernandez—3rd
Marissa Hernandez—3rd
Jonathan Duarte—3rd
Gillian Haltom-3rd
Diana Rodriquez—3rd
James Valdez—2nd
Jose Cardenas—1st
Ysabella Diaz—3rd
Selena Duron—3rd
Emma Ryan—1st
Anthony Jimenez—1st with Honorable Mention toward Best in Show
Samantha Mujica—1st, 2nd
Juan Overa—3rd, 1st with Honorable Mention toward Best in Show
Josepha Araujo—1st with Honorable Mention toward Best in Show
Maggie May Jimmie—2nd, and 1st with Best in Show
Proud Art Teacher
Dr. Kyle S. McQuilkin