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11-10-2023 2023 Lytle Pirate Football (Season In Review)

"Love & Leadership"

In May of 2023, nobody, including myself, could've written a script better for the Lytle Pirate Football program than God just did. I knew exactly what we needed to do to restore, refuel, and revamp a community, but God just did it better! 

My heart is so full of everything He has blessed us with in our hearts and our homes. We led with love in every aspect of our program, and the transparency we instilled created trust. My wife and I needed Lytle more than Lytle needed us. 

What an unbelievable journey this 2023 football season was. You can't write a Hollywood script better than what we have just experienced in the last 6 months. Our boys mean the world to us and we will continue to "serve their heart, not their talent"  every step of the way. 

Thank you to everyone that was with us on this 2023 journey, and just like we talk about all the time, "The Best Is Yet To Come"! God's not done yet! 

Much Love! 


See photos from the playoff game in these albums:

Mike Trevino