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9-22-2023 7th Grade Football vs Pearsall

Yesterday, September 21, 2023, the 7th Grade football team hosted the Pearsall Mavericks. The Mavericks started the game with an 11-minute drive for a touchdown. In Junior High games, that means that we first touched the ball with 3 minutes left in the half. It took us 12 seconds to score our first touchdown as Burl Jopling ran back the kickoff behind some great blocking. The rest of the game was a back-and-forth struggle. The intensity on the field was unique for a 7th grade contest. The game ended in a tie. Both schools respected each other. This was evident from the conversations I heard as they were shaking hands after the game. We are off this week. We’ll be hosting the Poteet Aggies on October 5, 2023. 

Final Score 

Lytle 12 - Pearsall 12 

Arnold Martinez