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9-22-2023 8th Grade Football vs Pearsall

Last night, September 21, 2023, was what the sign says it was, a night of hard knocks!!! 

BUT and I mean a BIG BUT, it was a night that displayed a hard-fought battle and showed great improvement within a year!

Last year was an absolute drumming by Pearsall but it wasn't so this time around! 

From the constant improvement during their seventh-grade season, to where they are now, these boys showed grit, heart, and that they have a bright future. 

A few mishaps by our secondary put us in a tough spot, but outstanding defensive play by Michael Scotello kept the game close. AJ Cantu and Angel De La Rosa shined like the North Star and put on a running display that would even make Walter Payton proud.  

Once again, our cheerleaders, faculty, and our fearless leaders from Cental Office kept the fire burning for 4 quarters until the final whistle blew. Thank you, Ms. Reyes for your encouraging words to the boys after the game. 

Final score

Pearsall 30-Lytle 26.

The eighth grade boys are 1-1 and look forward to seeing you in the stands next game. 

Brian Clark