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4-28-2023 Lytle Elementary 2023 Rodeo Day - A Great Learning Experience

This video recap of the 2023 Elementary Rodeo is a great example of Lytle's engaged, well-rounded students and wonderful community partnerships. In doing some quick research using Artificial Intelligence, I am delighted to report that this fabulous rodeo exceeds AI's summary of "what you can learn at a rodeo." See the AI generated copy below that is MISSING any mention of learning about FOOD at the rodeo. Our Lytle culinary students cooked using a Dutch Oven (official State Cooking Implement of Texas) and they served samples of Pan de Campo (the State Bread of Texas!) Also, AI doesn't mention a thing about students teaching students, which educators know adds so much magic to the learning experience! 

According to AI, students can learn these things at a rodeo, including:
1. History - Students can learn about the history and evolution of rodeos in America and how they have become an important part of the western culture.
2. Animal Science - Students can learn about different breeds of animals used in rodeos, including horses, bulls, steers, lambs and rabbits. They can also learn about the care and handling of these animals.
3. Rodeo Events - Students can learn about different events in a rodeo, such as barrel racing, calf roping and bull riding. They may learn about the tools and equipment used in farming and ranching, such as tractors, plows, and combines.
4. Physical Fitness - Students can learn about the importance of physical fitness and the athleticism required to participate in rodeo events.
5. Safety - Students can learn about the importance of safety in rodeo events for both the animals and the participants.
6. Sportsmanship - Students can learn about the importance of good sportsmanship in rodeo events, including respect for fellow competitors and animals.
Overall, a rodeo can provide a fun and educational experience for students of all ages, allowing them to learn about western culture, animal science, physical fitness, safety, and sportsmanship. 
Lorrianne Migura