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2-27-2023 Tennis at Stockdale Varsity Tournament

The boys started on Wednesday, February 22, 2023: they all played well and played to the semis. Joseph and Hector stayed in the main draw the longest, only losing to a tough Jourdanton team in the semifinals. They placed 6th in 20 other men's doubles. They are looking good going into the latter part of the season. 3 Meets to District.  

The ladies continued with their work on Thursday, February 23, 2023. Chessa Hartley-Mapes played extremely well. She played singles last week and although she lost her first match, she ultimately played in the Consolation Finals. Her legs were noodles, yet she played hard. She came in 5th place in a sea of 20 strong ladies.  

We have 3 more Meets for Varsity and look to make a good run at District and Regionals. Give them good wishes. Tennis is a different sport- you or you and your partner are the only ones on the court. There are many lessons that apply to life in tennis - I hope some of them are learned from our players. 

Julie Cameron