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1-6-2022 7th Grade Boys Basketball at Natalia

Coming off a long winter break is never easy for anyone. However, returning from break on a game day is a challenge of its own! Last night, January 5, 2023, the boys travelled on down the road to face off against the dreaded Natalia Mustangs! 

With impressive speed, the B Team boys came out fast and energetic on the court. They were flying up and down on both ends of the court, putting up shots, getting rebounds, playing hard and aggressive defensively! A fast first half was followed by a powerful second half to finish a strong "welcome back" game from the break!  

The electric energy, still high and ramping from their teammates win, the A Team took to the floor and continued the domination of the Mustangs! It was a game full of hard defense that led to blocks and steals, which turned into quick transitions and easy points on the offensive side of the court, giving them a big lead and they never looked back from there! All season long, the boys have had some success in small areas of the game, whether it be offensively, defensively, a good first half, or a good second half; however, they were still looking for their first full "complete" game of basketball and last night was the game where it all came together for them! It was a great welcome back to kick off the new semester. 

The boys look forward to our next game here at home in Lytle vs Cotulla, January 12, 2023. Please come out and support if you can!  

Arthur Hettler