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12-3-2022 Association of Texas Small School Bands Region Results

We had an incredible day at ATSSB Region Auditions, and have some students advancing to the Area round of Auditions! 


  • Stefan Grigsby: 1st chair Symphonic Band French Horn *Advancing to Area 
  • Jose Gomez: 1st chair Symphonic Band Contra-Alto Clarinet *Advancing to Area 
  • Jose Gomez: 3rd Chair Symphonic Band Bass Clarinet *Advancing to Area (You can only advance on 1 instrument; Jose chose to advance on Contra-Alto) 
  • Elijah Martinez: 3rd Chair Symphonic Band Alto Sax *Advancing to Area 
  • Cambri Davila: 4th Chair Symphonic Band Flute *Advancing to Area 
  • Melanie Perez: 5th Chair Symphonic Band Clarinet *Advancing to Area 
  • Auslyn Beazer: 2nd Chair Concert Band French Horn 
  • Nadia Daniels: 4th Chair Concert Band Flute 
  • Natalie Williams: 6th Chair Concert Band Flute 
  • Andres Arredondo: 7th Chair Concert Band French Horn 
  • Jailynn Ng: 10th Chair Concert Band Clarinet 
  • Luke Montez: 1st Alternate Concert Band Euphonium 
  • Victoria Garcia: 1st Alternate Concert Band Flute 
  • Koby Lara: 1st Alternate Concert Band Trombone 
  • Aiden Martinez 1st Alternate Concert Band Tuba 

The following students auditioned, and improved significantly through their preparation, but fell short of their goal of earning a spot in one of the 2 bands: 

  • Kellyahn Castano - Flute 
  • Alex Medina – Alto Sax 
  • Sarah Ytuarte – Alto Sax 
  • Joshua Guerra – Trumpet 
  • Zinthia Lara – Trumpet 
  • Katelyn Rubal – Trumpet 
  • Richard Tollett – Trumpet 
  • Michael Martinez – Tuba 
  • Landon Wilkins – Tuba 
  • Taryn McDonald – Percussion 

Please congratulate these students’ hard work and preparation when you see them.  

Joshua Chessher