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11-18-2022 7th Grade Boys Basketball vs Cotulla

Last night, November 17, 2022, the 7th Grade boys travelled down to Cotulla to take on the Cowboys. 
The B-Team had their first taste of action this season with a dominant performance in a 16-8 victory. Their great hustle and defense forced turnovers, which resulted in points the other way for the Pirates. The energy was high and fast all night from tippoff to the final buzzer! Definitely an exciting show for a season opener. Leading the way was J.P. Martinez with 10 points. 
The A-Team set a pretty high bar for the competition last week and looked to match that same level last night. However, we just didn't have the "shooter's touch", if you will. The boys moved the ball well against a tough Cotulla defense but struggled to make our shots and if anyone knows basketball, sometimes it just becomes one of those nights. They played hard till the final buzzer and will look to rebound once we return from the break.
Final scores:
B-Tream: Lytle 16 - Cotulla 8 
A-Team: Lytle 6 - Cotulla 20
Thank you to the Cafeteria staff for preparing our meals, and the Transportation department for helping get us there and home safely. We appreciate you all! 
Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the break, 
Arthur Hettler