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11-18-2022 8th Grade Basketball vs Cotulla

Last night, November 17, 2022, the 8th Grade boys basketball team decided to follow up what the Varsity girls had already started earlier in the day, and that is win, and play exceptional defense. 

These boys traveled to Cotulla to take on the Cowboys in a highly anticipated game since they were our only loss last year.  

The B-Team came out and delivered the first blow with a 20-12 victory. The charge was led by Dwayne Reed and Jaden Castro with everyone else contributing with a solid effort. Experts might say that it could have been Clay “Jop Shop” Joppling getting his first win with the B-Team as a Junior High Basketball Coach that set the tone for everyone else. 

When the A-Team took the floor, they were pumped up and ready to go! Another outstanding performance by Seth Pierce with 19 points, leading the way offensively. However, it was the outstanding defense and rebounding by Ethan “Electrifying” Elizondo and Sebastian “Seabass” Garcia that made the difference. Weston Jackson controlled the rock from up top and a solid 3-pointer by Nathan Garza led the team to a 26-8 victory. The Pirates are 1-0 in District play and look to keep it rolling after the holidays. 

A special shout out to Mondo for driving us to Cotulla and getting our backs! You are a true supporter of the Junior High boys. 

“Thank you” to the teachers for all the communication and emails to help where help is needed. You are true rock stars! 

Brian Clark