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11-9-2022 Commercial Photography Student Creates Logo for the Keep Lytle Beautiful Committee

Members of the "Keep Lytle Beautiful" committee decided they wanted a logo to brand their efforts. After speaking with Lytle Mayor Ruben Gonzalez, committee members David Emery and Christopher Bowen looked at the logo for "Keep Texas Beautiful" - the state-level affiliate organization. Their conversation progressed to a simple pencil sketch of their collective ideas drawn by Mr. Bowen. Says Emery, "We knew we needed a clean, digital rendition of the penciled idea and so I asked my stepson, Stefan, if he could create a digital version, and he said he would give it a try." Second-year Commercial Photography student, Stefan Grigsby, proposed the project to his teacher Mr. Adam Leyva, who encouraged him to begin work on the design. 
"The rough pencil draft was a good place to start. I showed it to Mr. Leyva and asked if I could take on the project for a grade in his class," says Stefan, "I've had a lot of practice and had gotten pretty good at using Adobe PhotoShop, so the task was not as difficult as I thought it might be. When I ran into problems while adding shapes and colors to the design, I would go through a process of research, trial and error. When I absolutely needed help from Mr. Leyva, he was there to give me feedback and guidance. The overall experience really made me realize one thing - if you are competent with a skill, people will give you opportunities."
See the photos of Stefan and the logo design he created that made its debut in lights! (The new digital sign in front of the Lytle City Office promoted the City Clean Up Days in October with the new "Keep Lytle Beautiful" logo!)
Commercial Photography Student Creates Logo for the Keep Lytle Beautiful Committee
Lorrianne Migura