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11-9-2022 Junior Varsity Girls Basketball vs Warren

It was a rough night, November 8, 2022, for the Junior Varsity Girls Basketball. We lost 70-19 to Warren's Junior Varsity.  

We have 4 girls who made their high school basketball debut- Freshmen Mona Perez, Jaylen Villarreal, Adri Muraira, and Sophomore Zoey Salinas. The team roster is completed with the addition of Sophomores Valentina Ayla, MJ Westbrook, Amira Lowery, Sophia Stewart, and Priscilla Solis. We also had a positive leader on the bench to support these girls while awaiting release from injury, Junior ABCDE Inming.  

Although it was a very rocky start, the ladies showed improvement throughout the game with 15 of the 19 points being scored in the second half. They also took better care of the ball, played better defense, and ran the inbounds play. The high scorers were Valentina and Mona with 5 and 6 points, respectively.  

We have many areas to work on, but will continue to work hard and improve every day. We will travel to San Antonio on Saturday to play SA Christian! 

Kaitlyn Kyle