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9-19-2022 Pirate Cross Country at Islander Splash Invitational

I am thankful to our Superintendent Michelle Carroll Smith and our Athletic Director Lori Wilson for allowing us to go down to Corpus Christi to showcase our program, September 17, 2022. 

We had 24 student-athletes competing in 4 divisions. 10 of those finished in the top 10, and 3 others finished 11th. The Junior Varsity girls finished 2nd out of 22 teams, Junior Varsity Boys finished 1st out of 11 teams, the Varsity Girls finished 1st out of 33 teams, and the Varsity Boys finished 1st out of 32 teams.  

I was so proud of their effort after having to wake up early in the morning after a football game against our rivals, Natalia. A lot of them are in band, dance, cheer or even played in the football game, (Luke Estrada). Then they must get off the bus and get constantly scolded by me before we run the last 4 races of the day, which is the hottest and most humid time. Yet they responded by winning 3 of the 4 divisions and getting second in the other. They are an excellent group of kids that are VERY COACHABLE. They NEVER take anything personal and always seem to understand and rise to the occasion. 

I do want to highlight one student-athlete, Luke Estrada. He played hard in the game the night before and when he got to the gym in the morning, I could tell he was struggling, but he said he was fine. During the race, Robert was having a hard time, so now Luke became our 5th guy, which means where he finishes, the TEAM finishes. He found strength to push through and pick up for his fellow brother to finish 13th out of 255 RUNNERS and helped his team win by over 60 points. It was a valiant effort and goes to show that everyone in that team is important and, at any time, you might be expected to step up. And if we prepare enough, then there is nothing that we can't achieve. 

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Gilbert Ruiz