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5-18-2022 Athletic Awards Ceremony

Last night, May 17, 2022, we celebrated all our athletes and the many accomplishments each program was able to accomplish this 2021-22 school year. I have attached a few pictures of the main awards given out by the coaches as a whole program and our two scholarships. 

Mr. Lytle:  

Jose Cortez  

Miss Lytle:  

Nicole Godines  

Blood and Guts: 

Fizz Hutton and Robert Wagner  

Bobby McConathy Scholarship  

Kaitlyn Ramirez and Bryson Duty 

Wesley Prince Scholarship  

Mason Davila and Sydney Estrada 

Thank you to the Coaching Staff for all your hard work. Thank you Coach Tope for being the MC!! It was a great night! Thank you to everyone that attended. Go Pirates! 

See photos in this Google album: Lytle High School Athletics Award Ceremony 5-17-2022

Lori Wilson