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4-25-2022 UIL Regional Meet

On Saturday, April 23, 2022, the High School UIL Academic teams competed at the Regional Meet with some pretty fantastic results. The Ready Writing team competed early and walked away with 3rd, 11th, & 12th place with 3rd place qualifying for the State competition! 

UIL Ready Writing 

3rd Miguel-Angel Lopez (State bound) 

11th Kaitlyn Ramirez 

12th Samantha Mujica  

I could not be prouder of the time and effort these students put into practice, competition, and broadening their understanding of the world. Please take a moment to congratulate them for their hard work when you see them!  

The High School UIL Number Sense and Math teams competed at the Regional Meet at Davenport High School. The Number Sense team did great overall. Mason Davila came out in 1st place by a country mile. The team finished in 6th place respectfully. 

Number Sense 

Mason Davila (State Bound) 

Robert Wagner 

Ben Davila 

Daniel Mercado 


Mason Davila 

Miguel Lopez 

Ben Davila 

Daniel Mercado 

If you see any of these gentlemen…. Tell them congratulations on a GREAT year. Mason Davila will compete at the State Number Sense competition May 6th in Austin. #HookEm 

Hannalore Mueller and Ricky Gutierrez