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9-13-2021 Junior High Cross Country at Bandera Invitational

“Sunshine is delicious, rain refreshing, wind braces up, snow is exhilarating; there is no such thing as bad weather, just different kinds of weather.”  

– John Ruskin 

This week the Junior High Cross Country team traveled to Bandera to compete in the Bandera Invitational. It was a bigger race than last year’s COVID restrictions. As we drove into Bandera a group of Firefighters in full bunker gear were walking down the street in remembrance of 20 years ago. It was a humble reminder of the blessings we have to run and compete. 

Considering we didn’t run until 11 am, the weather was pleasant, much like a West Texas dry heat day. We had only two 7th Grade boys and three 7th Grade ladies take the line. 111 ladies and 109 boys began the race with a start of over 200 7th Graders. The race was only one and a half miles instead of the normal two-mile race so the times may seem fast. We had three of the five athletes medal. 

Vanessa Ayala 8th – Medalist 12:09 

Lalaeni Riviera 16th – Medalist 12:31 

Addison Wagner 42nd – 13:57 

Weston Jackson 13th – Medalist 11:00 

Jacob Zimmerle 42nd – 12:29  

The 8th Grade boys and ladies each fielded a team of six individuals. The ladies had Klayre Cook and Frankie Scotello medal and the 8th Grade boys had three boys medal and two just finish two and three places out of the medals. The boys finished 2nd once again to Pieper Ranch in New Braunfels. The enrollment of Pieper Ranch is 1200 students. We finished 26 points behind this team. The girls finished 6th as a team 7 points behind Eagle Pass and 8 points behind La Vernia. 

Klayre Cook 6th – Medalist 11:03 

Frankie Scotello 8th – Medalist 11:08 

Kimora Sanchez 35th – 12:42 

Svetlana Lopez 39th – 12:52 

Isabella Sewell 77th – 14:16 

Annika Robles 88th 14:53 

Chase Guevara 2nd – Medalist 9:28 

Bryan Montes-Rod 7th – Medalist 9:47 

Noah Merrell 15th – Medalist 10:01 

Diego Reyna 23rd – 10:16 

Antonio Castro 24th – 10:19 

Lucas Salazar 37th – 11:01 

We have this next week off until we begin our final three weeks of competitions. I really appreciate all Coach Ruiz has done these last three weeks as I have had to recover from COVID. It has been difficult getting energy back necessary to coach and teach. I am so glad he has watched over the group and to the high school team for building relationships with these young athletes which encourage them to continue. 

“Trust is the lubrication that makes it possible for organizations to work.”  

– Warren Bennis 


Hadley Foster