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9-10-2021 7th Grade Football at Nixon-Smiley

Yesterday, September 9, 2021, the 7th Grade boys football team traveled to Nixon-Smiley to play their first game of the season and what a game it was.  

After the boys realized they were going to be okay after getting punched in the gut early in the game, their nerves settled and they let their athleticism and knowledge take over.  

We answered every attack with our own attack and became a defensive machine in the second half only giving up one score. With a wonderful stop on the two-point conversation and the Pirates getting the ball back, the boys drove down for what would be the eventual winning score. After converting our two-point conversation and having one last Awesome defensive stand, the boys secured a victory with a couple of kneel downs to allow the clock to expire with a “W” in their back pocket. 

All players did well, but a couple of shout outs to Sebastian Morales on a 75-yard touchdown run and Seth Pierce along with Weston Jackson on great games on both sides of the ball.  

After years of coaching, you can still learn a few things… don’t ride in a vehicle with 5 boys who have had chili cheese dogs for lunch.  

Lytle Pirates 32 - Nixon-Smiley Mustangs 30 

Brian Clark