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5-17-2021 Prom 2021 - A Success!

As many of you know, the Class of 2022 hosted the Junior/Senior prom this past Friday, May 14th! The students all looked so happy to be there and to be together while looking their absolute best! I want to give a huge thank you to everyone that helped make this day so special. 

Firstly, my cosponsors, Julie Cameron and Frank Hernandez. Without these two, the night (and the months leading up to it) definitely would not have gone as smooth as it did and I always appreciate their insight and advice, as I know the officers do as well!  

I would also like to thank all the other sponsors of the Class of 2022 for coming to prom and helping us out; Mr. Jennings, Ms. Barney, Ms. Avila, and Coach Jones. A big thank you to Mr. Garza, Mrs. Criswell, Mrs. Aguinaga, Ms. Cantu, Mrs. Rangel, and Mr. Michalak for attending and keeping an eye on our kiddos. And of course, a thank you to our superintendent, Mrs. Smith, for giving our officers the go-ahead to have a prom and for stopping by to see our students all dressed up! Another thank you to Ms. Kelley, who could not attend but was still able to wrangle the Seniors and make sure our King and Queen were crowned. This leads me to formally announcing the LHS 2021 Prom King and Queen, Santiago Garcia and Mariana Hernandez! 

A special shout-out to Chef Stewart, Mrs. Berchelmann, and all the culinary students for catering the event and putting together amazing trays for everyone to have! Another special shout-out to the Skull Studios team, Migura, Dale, and Oser, for being there to capture so many special memories for our students!  

I’d also like to thank our venue, Hacienda Real Events. They have an absolutely gorgeous space and helped our officers truly see their vision in planning the prom and made the night so beautiful! Please consider them for your next big event! Also, our DJ, Rockin’ Reece, had the kids dancing the night away and gave special shoutouts throughout the night from the families of our students.  

And last but not least, please give special recognition to our five Junior class officers; Judith Mujica, Kaitlyn Ramirez, Julio Mujica, Daniel Aguirre, and Diamond Smith-Walker. These students went above and beyond to make prom happen for everyone, more work than many realize! If you see them, please let them know what a wonderful job they did! 

Thank you to everyone else that has given our officers the time to work on prom throughout this process. This couldn’t have happened without an entire team behind it!  

It truly takes a village and throughout this entire year we have all struggled with ups and downs and I believe we ended the year on a positive note by helping these kids have so much fun. 

See photos in Google Album:Prom Portraits 5-14-2021

See Photos in Google Album: Prom 2021


Loren Merchant