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5-4-2021 UIL Academic State Meet Results

May 1st, Mason Davila headed to the State Meet for UIL Academics-Number Sense at Randolph High School. I’m not sure how Mason felt, as he’s always as cool as a cucumber. As for me, I think I was nervous enough for the both of us. It’s not that I felt he wouldn’t do well, I only wanted this title for him. If anyone is deserving of this, it is Mason. He is many great things, but the greatest by far is his persistence to excel and his humble personality. I have to add, he’s pretty funny too. This last test was different than most. Test results are typically given within an hour or so, but this time we had to wait three days for official results. Yes, THREE-LONG-DAYS! The wait and anxiety were all worth it, Mason placed 3rd out of 21 kids in the state! We are over the moon, and I'm still emotional about it. Yes, I cried. The point spread between 1st-3rd was super close, but that is what competition is all about. We will be back next year!  

I'd like to thank his parents for being such great supporters and loving parents. Thank you, Mr. Lytle, our UIL Academic Coordinator, for taking care of us and getting what we need, this takes a lot of work! I'd also like to thank all of Mason's past teachers for helping him along the way, and giving him what he needed. I am beyond grateful to be his teacher and coach, and I cannot wait to do it all again next year. 

Andrea Rangel