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4-1-2021 Lessons from the Rings - District Edition

"Nobody who ever gave their best effort regretted it."  

- George Halas 

The last two days, March 30-31st, the throwers of the Lytle Track teams competed in the District Meet. In the Varsity, our goal was to be able to throw another day. In the Junior Varsity, it was preparation for the future to step into the Varsity. We have two boys and three girls advancing to throw in the area meet. We have the Junior Varsity champion in girls’ discus and boys’ discus and missed the JV girls shot put champion by 1/2 an inch. The JV boys team consisted only of Freshmen and showed great strength in adjusting to the bigger instruments. 

Junior Varity 

Shot Put Girls 

Alexis Flores (9) - 2nd - 25'9.5" 

Sydney Estrada (11) - 4th - 24'5.5" (PR) 

Marianne Hutton (11) - 5th - 23'9.5" (PR) 

Shot Put boys 

Jacob Guevarra (9) - 4th - 33'7" (PR) 

Hector Amaya (9) - Did not place 

Discus Girls  

Sydney Estrada - 1st - 82'11" (PR) 

Marianne Hutton - did not place 

Discus boys 

Jacob Guevarra - 1st - 98'-1" (PR) 

Nathaniel Miller (9) - 2nd - 95'-3" (PR) 

Hector Amaya - did not place 

The Varsity will have four discus throwers in the area meet and two shot putters. The Varsity boys just missed fourth in shot. Robey Harold completed his throwing career for Lytle by throwing his PR of 41'1" and tying for fourth but the boy from Poth's second-best throw was better than Robey's.   

Varsity results 

Shot Put Boys 

Robey Harold - 5th - 41'-1" (PR) 

Cort Haltom - 6th - 40'-4" (PR) 

James Black - Did not place 

Shot Put Girls 

Noelia Medina - 1st - 33-6" 

April Bodie – 3rd - 31-1.5" 

Sarah Ytuarte - Did not place 

Discus Girls 

Alex Naeglin - 2nd - 102'5" 

Noelia Medina - 3rd - 97'10" 

April Bodie - Did not place 

Discus Boys  

Cort Haltom - 1st - 137'5" (PR) 

Alex Medina - 2nd - 128'2" (PR) 

James Black - 6th - 108'2"(PR) 

Even though they put the shot put ring as far away from the discus ring I was able to see many of the throws. We did a good job of making our first throws put pressure on the other throwers. Cort would have won the discus with his first throw of 129' but he relaxed and threw well. Noelia reached back on her last shot attempt to amaze the crowd with her best throw since Pearsall. I appreciate James Black and Robey Harold for throwing with me for six years and wish them well as Robey attends Trinity and James pursues medicine at Baylor. We all are sitting well to advance to the Regional Meet but we must throw well at the Area Meet to accomplish this. My thanks to many will come but our season continues and our effort will hopefully be rewarded and we will keep dancing.   

"Opportunity dances with those who are ready on the dance floor."   

- H. Jackson Brown Jr. 

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Hadley Foster