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10-17-2020 Junior High Cross Country PreDistrict Race at FEAST

"Ingenuity, plus courage, plus work equals miracles."  

- Bob Richards 

This week we took two teams of Junior High athletes to compete in the FEAST Meet.  Just like last week where we ran the Bandera course previously, we also ran the FEAST course on September 26th. One month later the girls began the day in cloudy cool conditions. Almost a perfect day to run. There were over 100 runners at the start. The results are as follows (Time from September 5th run).  

Runner - Place -Time 

Klayre Cook - 23rd - 13:47 (14:55) 

Valentina Ayala - 61st - 16:16 (16:47) 

Lunna Reyes - 71st - 17:42 (18:07) 

Giselle Esparza - 78th - 18:56 

Isabella Sewell - 80th - 19:24 (20:37) 

Annika Robles - 83rd - 0:22- did not run first race 

Shea Merrell - 85th - 20:57 (23:52) 

Last time the team placed 9th, this week the team placed 7th.  

The boys team had some competition in this race from San Antonio, Cole, and Great Hearts Monte Vista which the High School also competes against. Even though two strong 8th Graders were not in the race the team competed well and finished 4th. Although no one medaled many of the boys have set themselves up to medal next week at District. Times are as follows: 

Runner - Place - Time 

Johnny Alvarez - 11th - 12:15 (12:14) 

Luke Estrada - 18th - 12:22 (12:21) 

Antonio Castro - 31st - 12:57 (13:15) 

Tristan Lopez - 47th - 13:29 (14:05) 

Diego Reyna - 52nd - 13:42 (14:06) 

Bryan Montes - 72nd - 14:52 (14:51) 

Noah Merrell - 83rd - 15:50 (16:22) 

Memories I will take from this Meet are how Isabella and Noah finished their races. Isabella must have had strides that measured 3 feet as she finished passing a young lady. Noah passed at least three runners as he sprinted his final 50 meters. Wish them good skill in the hallways.

"Courage means being afraid of something, but still doing it."

- Knute Rockne


Hadley Foster