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10-12-2020 Junior High Results at Bandera Meet

“Life is a grindstone. Whether it grinds you down or polishes you up depends on what you’re made of.”  

– Jacob M Braude 

7th Grade Girls Medalists I feel like we are really being put on the heavy grindstone. I told the runners on the bus that they were like the knives made on the show Forged in Fire. They had been fashioned into blades but the next weeks we needed to sharpen and strengthen them for the tests to come. We began to polish at the 2nd Summer of the Bandera meet. We ran earlier than last month but the heat had its effects but we were better prepared for the race. 

We began with the 7th Grade ladies which was the only team we fielded this Meet. 29 ladies took to the line from Pleasanton, Hondo, Bandera, Ingram, Medina and Lytle. When the race finished three ladies medaled for the 7th Grade. All three of the ladies who medaled ran in the first Bandera race. The other two joined the team later in the season. I have given Coach Addison Wagner the responsibility of getting Isabella Sewell and Annika Robles ready for the District race. Just in one week of training both ladies dropped over a minute off their mile times. The ladies finished 3rd as a team and all have gotten faster.  

Runner – Time – Place  

Klayre Cook – 11:34 (11:45) – 3rd (Medalist) 

Kiki Sanchez – 13:05 (13:26) – 12th (Medalist) 

Giselle Esparza – 14:09 (14:36) – 13th (Medalist) 

Isabella Sewell – 16:27 – 23rd 

Annika Robles – 17:49 – 24th 

Luke at Finish Line  Boys Medalists Annika and Isabella


Hadley Foster