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9-12-2020 Junior High Cross Country Results from Bandera

"To be a winner, you've got to bigger than the weather."  

- Vince Lombardi 

In the midst of the chaos of 2020, we were blessed to begin our Junior High Cross Country season. This weekend we learned new lessons, had success, and competed with the pride of Lytle Cross Country.  

The 7th Grade girls began the Junior High season as the clock tower in Bandera chimed noon. The ladies are Giselle Esparza, Klayre Cook, Gali Hernandez, and Kiki Sanchez. We were nervous for their first race, yet they learned about Cross Country. Klayre Cook medaled placing 9th. I threw Gali Hernandez to the wolves by starting her considering she only came out this week but since her uncle is Sebastian Benevides, I knew she had it in her genes.  

                                 mile time             finish time              place 

Klayre Cook              6:57                       11:44                        9th - M 

Kiki Sanchez             7:35                       13:26                        23rd 

Gali Hernandez        7:36                       13:29                        24th 

Giselle Esparza         8:12                       14:36                        31st 

The 7th Grade boys were excited to start and had great goals. I told them that the team to beat was the team from Boerne Middle School South which feeds into Boerne Champion, who was the Cross Country Nike National Champion in 2009. You can see their start at the top. Antonio Castro, Alex Rios, Diego Reyna, Bryan Montes and Noah Merrell took the line. I am most proud of Noah. He is Rachel Merrell's son and Peggy Chandler's grandson. He came the first day in August and in class he told me he played football, basketball and track. He told me he couldn't run Cross Country. I told him he was right. "If you think you can or think you can't you are right."  He asked me the next week if he could run. I said sure and he came. With one week of practice in the Bandera heat he finished the one mile and half and allowed the boys to place 3rd as a team. Bryan Montez missed a medal by one place and placed 21st.  

                                 mile time             finish time              place                

Antonio Castro         6:59                      11:15                      9th-M 

Alex Rios                   7:03                       11:26                     11th-M 

Diego Reyna             7:17                       11:42                     13th-M 

Bryan Montez          7:56                       13:09                      21st 

Noah Merrell            10:37                    17:32                      31st 

The 8th Grade ladies began the year far different than when we left last year. The only girls I have back are Addison Criado who didn't run this week because she was hurt. Shea Merrell took her place with one day of practice. Shea was hesitant but she agreed to take the line. Valentina Ayala ran last year and then Lunna Reyes came out to run after managing last year. I can hang my head and think of what-ifs but I am excited that they are here and want to run and get better.  

runner - mile time - finish time - place  

Valentina Ayala - 8:48 - 14:31 - 26th 

Lunna Reyes - 8:50 - 14:38 - 28th 

Shea Merrell - 12:57 - 20:30 - 34th 

The 8th Grade boys began the season at 2:30. This is an outstanding five. The addition of Kevin Flores makes us a better team compared to last year's district champion. We have learned to run together and run as a team. We were only bested by Boerne Middle School South. We ran well and began the season with each runner medaling in the top fifteen. It was a good way to punctuate the day after the Varsity started the day by winning the Meet.  

name - mile time - finish time - place 

Luke Estrada - 6:03 - 9:55 - 3rd 

Yandel Esquivel - 6:18 - 10:20 - 5th 

Johnny Alvarez - 6:18 - 10:49 - 7th 

Kevin Flores - 7:13 - 12:28 - 14th 

Tristan Lopez - 7:30 - 12:30 - 15th 

I am so proud of the ladies and gentlemen and their parents for getting them here in the midst of the stress of the year. I especially would like to thank Mrs. Reyna for all her help and Mrs. Zimmerle for the support she gave her athletes. Thanks to Mrs. Estrada for helping me secure a bus driver for the Junior High bus and Mr. Tim Reed for his selfless willingness to drive on short notice. Full results found at: 2020 Bandera Bulldog Cross Country Invitational Results 

"Take pride in yourself. Be your own person. Don't do things because everyone else does them. Don't be part of a crowd. Dare to be different. Never be afraid to stand up for what you believe to be right, even when it means standing alone."  

- Jack Lambert 

See photos in Google album: Junior High Cross Country in Bandera 9-12-2020

Hadley Foster