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12-12-2019 Christmas Dance 2019

Good morning! Yesterday, December 11th, we hosted our 5th annual Christmas Dance in the elementary cafeteria with about 200 attendees from Lytle, Devine, Medina Valley, Natalia and Somerset. It was absolutely amazing to witness the excitement and energy from all. This is the first year we have hosted it during the school day which allowed so many more to attend. 

I want start by thanking EVERYONE who took time out of their day stop by enjoy our festivities. It was truly heartwarming to see so many of you and I’m sure you all left with the Christmas spirit. We were all impressed with Mr. Raygosa’s dance moves. 

A HUGE THANKS goes out to everyone who made this possible…  

Our awesome maintenance crew, they rushed in and make our crazy decorating ideas come to life. 

Ms. Blanca Cantu and her crew for all their help!  These students helped decorate, cooked, baked, served and got to enjoy the dance! 

Ms. Melodie Criado, Amie Carrillo and all of the elementary cafeteria staff for allowing us to invade their space. They were also so very helpful! 

Larry Contreras and HEB for their contribution toward the tamales. 

Skull Studios for taking pictures. We’ll be sharing that Google Album soon! 

Last but not least, my special education teachers and staff for all their behind the scenes work. It would not be possible without all of you. 

We look forward to hosting this each year and plans are already in motion for next. A short video and a few pictures are attached for your enjoyment. 

See all photos in Google Album: Christmas Dance 12-11-2019

Robbie Pierce