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3-8-2019 Operations Department VFW Recognition

I wanted to share the following information as I am very proud of our operations department. Last night the operations department was recognized by the Lytle VFW and awarded the Community Service Award for our service to the school and community. Mr. Larry Sanders is the Commander of the Lytle VFW and he asked me to select four members of the operations department to be recognized by the Lytle VFW, this was not an easy task as all operations staff members are deserving. Please see the attachment for a picture of the honorees and see the information below regarding how important these members of our operations department are to me and our schools. It would have been great to take the entire operations department. However, I couldn’t sneak sixty-four staff members in the door. This being said, all of my operations staff members from the mechanics, bus aides, and custodians are very important to me and do amazing things for our schools, staff, and students every day. It is my pleasure and honor to be their director and serve Lytle ISD. If you happen to see any of our operations guys and gals around, please pat them on the back and say thank you for what they do. 

Mr. Sanders, 

These are the four members I am honored to have the VFW recognize. The operations department is more than just these four members. The operations department is made up of the maintenance staff, custodial staff, mechanic staff, and transportation staff, 64 members in total. We cover everything from the rooftops to the basements and from the sports fields to the grounds around our beautiful schools. I cannot say enough positive things about my staff. They are able to make unbelievable things happen and accomplish amazing things on a daily basis. 

Jimmy Martinez – Foreman of the operations department. Jimmy is the backbone of the operations department. He is the consummate professional. 100% dependable, the operations department is blessed to have him and we would be lost without him. Jimmy is extremely knowledgeable in many areas, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and construction. Jimmy makes things happen throughout the district and keeps the schools up and running each and every day. Jimmy is unreplaceable.  

Patrick Sims – HVAC tech. Patrick keeps our buildings, staff, and students cool in the summer and warm in the winter. He is somehow able to work magic and keep our A/C systems up and running. I have no idea how he manages to do what he does when it comes to many of the HVAC issues he encounters on a daily basis. I am extremely proud to have Patrick as a member of the operations staff. He is able to correct and fix issues that would cause most people to give up and run and look for another line of work.    

Micaela Martinez – Custodian at the primary campus. Micaela is beyond dependable. She never misses work. She ensures each and every day that the primary campus is clean, sanitary, and safe for the primary students and staff. Micaela goes above and beyond the expectations of her job every day. When the custodial staff at other campuses are in need of assistance Micaela is the first to go and assist in any manner she can. I am honored to have her as part of the operations department.  

Diana Alfaro – Head start program bus aide. Diana has the longest tenure in the operations department, (13 years). Diana does unbelievable things for the students in the head start program. Diana goes above and beyond her job description on a regular basis to ensure the students in the head start program are taken care of each and every day on the bus ride to school and on the way home. A couple of the things I have noticed that Diana has taken upon herself to do are as follows. Every Monday, Diana reports to work at 5:30 a.m. with a huge stack of blankets. Diana brings blankets from her home to provide to the head start students while on the bus so the students are comfortable and warm during cold days and Diana takes all the blankets home on Fridays to wash them and bring them back on Monday. Diana also spends money out of her own pocket to make gift bags for the students on her bus during holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas just to name a couple. Diana does countless amazing, kind, and caring things for our students. Diana’s Love, caring, and compassion for Lytle ISD students is unmeasurable and could never be replaced. 

William Cross – Lytle ISD Director of Operations. Typically looks lost and confused and just manages to get in the way and slow things down. The 64 staff members in the operations department do all the work and make things happen. Mr. Cross does very little compared to what the operations staff members do on a daily basis. 

See all photos of the VWF recognition recipients at Google Album: 2019 Lytle VFW Awards

Director of Operations

William Cross